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u know that feeling u get when u get a text and ur like “dont wanna reply right away ill do it later” and later just gets later and later until its like it would be weird to reply so late so u never reply thats this blog now sorry im too lazy to post here i guess ill just let it rot like a cantaloupe in the sun

unless someone else named amy rly wants the url amycrossing hmu ill delete for u pal

so yeah anything ac from now on is going on my main blog so if u like nintendo stuff in general and stupid text posts u can follow me there i guess 

ttfn kiss kiss ily bye

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is there an animal crossing secret santa going on where is it where is it

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alfonso is official neighborhood goofball in my town he’s a hoot

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hi marina moved in today bye 

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im either in full throttle new leaf mode or pokemon y mode there is no inbetween

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this is living

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im going to relive december 4th everyday until i get portia, kody, or cube as a camper gosh dangit

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the harvest festival isnt even worth it its so much work then all u get is a lousy little cornucopia and a crushed spirit

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ok im doin g it im coming back to this blog did u miss me i missed me oh and happy thanksgiving and happy hanukah !

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An illustration I did a few weeks ago. I love Animal Crossing! <3